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Road Safety

Reducing Driving Stress

  • Ensure your car's windows and mirrors are clean.
  • Take a break at least every two hours.
  • Avoid driving more than 400 miles a day.
  • Keep within the speed limit.
  • Allow adequate journey time.
  • Plan your route in advance.
  • Regularly service and maintain your car.
  • Check your seat and steering column are correctly adjusted.

Hot Topic - Left-hand drive heavy goods vehicles

There are several reasons why left-hand drive HGV's from the continent are more dangerous than the right-hand drive vehicles that were designed for use on UK roads.  One of the main dangers is lack of adequate visibility on the offside of the vehicle.  As the number of these trucks and lorries on our roads increases, urgent action is needed to try to reduce the dangers to other road users.

If you feel strongly about the dangers, why not contact your MP to express your views?

Of course, this problem is not just limited to foreign left-hand vehicles visiting the UK.  A similar problem exists when right-hand drive vehicles from the UK travel to the continent.  The challenge for politicians is to try and reduce the number of left-hand drive HGV-related accidents, deaths and injuries while not introducing legislation that would create unacceptable barriers to trade.

Here, at 'The Pass', the current webmaster feels strongly about this subject as, in July 2006, he and his son were in a car that was side-swiped on the M6 motorway by a left-hand drive HGV. The accident was entirely the fault of the HGV driver and the cause was him changing lane without adequate visibility of the offside of his vehicle.  This was not an unusual case, as this BBC news report shows.

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